The Team



Taryn Britt

Taryn Britt

Managing Director, Corporate Travel Events & Incentives Specialist Coordinator

Travel Fun & Incentives is my game!!

With a pure love & passion for the Travel & events industry, and always being the life and soul of any party, I have put everything into building a successful company that can supply our clients with only the best in every aspect of a trip of a lifetime,an epic event,or an enticing incentive.

I am a fun loving, dynamic and extremely creative person working hand in hand with a specially chosen and very dynamic team of events specialists, that have as much passion for the industry as I do, to create only the most amazing events.
With a great head for business I know what it means for our clients to want to succeed and this has become my personal goal. Nothing is too much effort and we will always go the extra mile no matter how long that mile may be.
Kate Weston

Kate Weston

Events Specialist & Logistics Coordinator

Perfection & Logistics is my game!!

I am a loving, warm hearted person with a passion for the events industry.

I have been planning events since I can remember and have been determined to learn everything there is to know about the industry.
I am always smiling, laughing and tackling life’s craziness head on.
I strive for nothing less than perfection in every aspect of an event and get it right every time.
Thinking outside the box and running the logistical elements and the behind the scenes aspects of the event is where I thrive.
Attention to detail is my aim and client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. My aim is  to develop a long lasting relationship with our clients and make sure that our service is at A+ levels at all times.
Robijn Benade

Robijn Benade

Wedding Specialist & Creative Coordinator

Creative play is my game!!

I am the fun loving romantic type, I have a passion for creativity and design and love every aspect of the eventing & wedding world.

I love art and any type of task that would take me into a world of colour, romance and fantasy, but at the same time my attention to detail and organizational skills are impeccable, and therefore allow me to make such a demanding and hard working industry my passion.
I thrive on seeing a delighted couple take note of their beautiful surroundings when they eventually walk into a room or a site that we have creatively designed as a team and see their faces light up when their dreams have come to a realization.
It never gets old and that’s how I know I am in it for the long hall.