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As a top national conference organisers & events management company, our top conference planners are dedicated to giving you an amazing A – Z experience, in planning and executing your next conference & event.

We are not your run of the mill conference organiser or conference facilitator, as our teams are dedicated to putting a spin on the average conference package offered in the industry in order to give your conference delegates a riveting, life-changing and motivating experience. If you are looking for standard we are not the right conference team for you. If you are however looking for an out of the box, strategic thinking & excellent logistical facilitators for your next conference, then we are the team for you!

Our Conference packages are custom designed with your end goal in mind and your team dynamic and company ethos & culture are very much taken into consideration and at the for-front of our event planning process when we design your conference.

We offer everything from a hands-on Conference management team, Graphic designers, Conference logistics coordinators, venue liaisons, full conference accommodation proposals, transfers, flights, audiovisual requirements, gifting options, MC’s, cutting edge motivational speakers and mind-blowing entertainment options to give you a top and unforgettable conference experience.

Our vision is to ensure that your employees, clients & guests walk away with nothing but optimism that the end goal has been reached and in the process memories are made with moments, changing the dynamic of your everyday conference planning experience.

Let us assist you in creating a memorable conference event!

Conference With A Difference  The 12 Step Program

Have you ever found that conducting or hosting motivational conferences are amazing in that moment, everyone is absolutely blown away and pumped up for the year ahead , and then the next day, everyone goes about their daily routine as if they had never attended a life-changing experience the day or the week before.

If you feel this way, maybe it’s time you look into our 12 step programme…

Our conference and logistics team offer an incredible 12 month meetings programme for you and your teams, both small and large. This programme focuses on your specific company goals for the year, your company culture, increasing profits as well as teamwork. We offer workshops with a difference, getting delegates to interact with one another and become part of the company rather than just being an employee of the company.

These programmes are custom designed over a year entailing a once a month gathering covering topics such as building ideas, igniting company profits, cultures and platforms to ensure a specific year goal is reached. With this culture we build in monthly, quarterly and yearly incentives to keep the momentum going and ultimately create excitement amongst individuals as well as team dynamics.

If this is something you feel will benefit your company and its long term goals lets chat!

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