An affair like no other … a Gatsby event all the way

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Well they called it a Gatsby Affair and this is what it truly was!
Hot Shot Events Management,once again produced all the bells and whistles that only our clients have become accustomed to over the years.
The Event took place at the beautiful Rotunda Venue at the Bay hotel in Camps Bay.

The tone was set with the most beautiful decor done in complete Gatsby Style from the furniture to the  very finest detail.Our Amazing creative stylists and logistical gurus worked long and hard for many months on this amazing concept together with the EXL team and pulled off an exceptional event once again.
Hot Shot Events management was praised for there awesome and world class service and our clients were incredibly happy with how exceptionally well this event was run from the concept delivery to the incredible execution of the event itself.
Our Team managed to add some amazing talent and depth to what turned out to be an exceptional evening of entertainment.
From the time the 300 guests arrived in full force, to the end of the evening, they were entertained by mind blowing and different entertainment options, from the likes of a beautiful Human Red Carpet playing the Violin on arrival to the fun Champagne Skirts dishing out glasses of champagne to stunned and impressed guests as well as gorgeous gatsby girls that were there to meet & greet our very excited guests.
From the time the guests arrived they were mesmerised by all the happenings around them,taking pictures along the red carpet and with our Gatsby Girls whilst they were ushered into absolute style and superior ambience.
Little did they know what was about to happen next!
They were about to be entertained by there own colleagues in a fully rehearsed EXL’s Got Talent show , which was carried out with ultimate profession and so well done,that they could have almost been famous 🙂
Once the talent show was complete and the guests had marvelled at the inside the venue which was styled exquisitely ,with grace and absolute superiority by our Hot Shot Events Management Stylists… there were even  more surprises and guests were absolutely blown away.
From Acrobatic Skirts to LED Poi Dancing and then there was THE GIRL IN THE EXTRA LARGE MARTINI GLASS dancing away and welcoming guests to a night they knew was only just beginning.

From the catering to the VIP Bars , the amazing lighting , hanging decor elements, photo walls, arm bands, and epic DJ, every last detail was themed to precision and well,the rest is history, the guests had an absolute blast and the event experience very impressive.
With compliments all round,our team once again executed another Hot Shot Events Management Job just perfectly.


This evening just went from one outstanding event to another and we are so happy that Hot Shot Events Management was given the opportunity and was fortunate enough to be a part of the amazing EXL event.
Photography done by LVSTAR Photography.

Written by Taryn Britt
Event managed and set up by Hot Shot Events Management(Pty)Ltd
Contact – 2721 811 1339

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