The Hot Shot Events Team

Our Team of event planners are passionately dedicated to producing exceptional event experiences.

Our Event Management team has a combined 35 years of event management & event logistics experience.

Our intention is to provide a no-risk/perfect result collaboration through our mastery of logistics and the Our Team of event planners are passionately dedicated to producing exceptional event experiences.

We integrate with amazing innovative designs completely customized for you, reflecting the brand personality of each client. 

Whether it be for a family function, a branded product, or a corporate company, creating unique and memorable events is what we strive for.

In order to do this, we have chosen to work only with the very best in the industry.

From photographers and set designers to decor stylists & technical specialists, entertainment artists & floral & centerpiece concepts we only use the best of the bunch and this is always reflected in our work.

Our event experiences & logistical ways are always very personal and allow us to incorporate an individual brand or private event into surprising, yet relevant event effects.

There is no secret formula to producing the perfect event however the greatest talent is to understand the vision of each client,then tailor-make an extraordinary event environment to reflect that vision.

Combining passion with efficiency, personality, originality, and our team, Hot Shot Events Management helps create events that deliver impact, memorability and long-term brand value every time.



Managing Director, Corporate Travel Events & Incentives Specialist Coordinator

Travel Fun & Incentives is my game!!

With a pure love & passion for the travel & events industry, I have put everything into building a successful events management company that can ultimately supply our clients with only the best. If it be an incentive trip of a lifetime,an epic event experience,or an enticing destination,I always make sure we put our everything into  making your event a momentous occasion. Being fun loving, dynamic & extremely creative, I have chosen to work hand in hand with a specially chosen hand picked very dynamic team of events specialists. With a great head for the Events Management & travel business, I know what it means for our clients to want to succeed and this has become my personal goal. Nothing is too much effort and we will always go the extra mile no matter how long that mile may be.



Events Specialist & Logistics Coordinator

Perfection & Logistics is my game!!

I am a loving, warm hearted person with a passion for the events management  industry. I have been planning event experiences since I can remember and have been determined to learn everything there is to know about the events industry as well as all the logistics around any event. I am always smiling, laughing and tackling life’s craziness head on. I strive for nothing less than perfection in every aspect of an event and always ensure that all the logistics are perfectly coordinated and ensure we get it right every time. Thinking outside the box and running the logistical elements and the behind the scenes aspects of the event is where I thrive. Attention to detail is my aim and client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. My aim is to develop a long-lasting relationship with our clients and make sure that our service is at A+ levels at all times.

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